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Chiropractic and Pregnancy Dr Cynthia Collins

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

So, you have just found out the exciting news you are pregnant. Many things now start to go through your head, excitement, wonder, perhaps a little bit of nerves of the sheer amazement of it all.

Once you are pregnant (no matter if this has happened quickly or after a long journey of planning) we now have to start to think about how we can best look after ourselves and our new little life.

We start to look at our bodies in a whole different light and wonder what the best ways are to stay as healthy and fit as possible during these next few months, before and after  the main event (birth!). This is when many of my patients come to me how can chiropractic help?”

So here are a few basic facts on how chiropractic care can help you stay as healthy as possible through and after your pregnancy. Making it an essential part of your Pre and post partum health care team.

Is Chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is considered to be one of the safest natural health care options during and after pregnancy, it’s also highly beneficial. Getting regularly adjusted while pregnant is a great way to relieve the added stress and dysfunction on your nervous system (and spine) that comes along with the weight gain and changes occurring during pregnancy. It’s also important to maintain balance, which is thrown off as your posture changes as your tummy grows. Like any health care there are always minor risks associated, which are coved in the informed consent at the beginning of the initial consult with our chiropractors. In this consult we conduct a thorough patient history and examination to determine the best individualized approach to your health care.  (

How chiropractic helps you during pregnancy

Chiropractic care can help women be as healthy as possible during pregnancy, as a properly functioning nervous system can assist the mother combat many of the hurdles that occur.

By removing  nerve interference, it may not only help with back pain associated with pregnancy (often assumed as normal) but also assist with the treatment of headaches, pelvic and pubic pain, sciatic, constipation and ligamentous pain. A wellness-based chiropractor can also give you information on exercises for core strength flexibility as well as tips on keeping active and health through and after the pregnancy. (Well Adjusted Babies Book)

But I have a big belly, how can I get adjusted on my stomach?

We use both pregnancy pillows (a big specially designed pillow with a hole in the middle) and also the special tables (which have pieces that separate to make way for a  growing bump) which allows mums to lie comfortably on their stomach while we work or their backs. We also use foam rolls and pillows to support mums for the short period where they are lying on their backs.

We adapt our adjustments to be low force, focusing on ligamentous work (pelvic, abdominal etc), stretching and breathing while adjusting mums.

We also focus on tips relating to how to safely and comfortably sleep, get up and down from lying and sitting and support your developing body during this ever-changing period.

How it works well with the rest of your pregnancy health team. 

We work together in an open and honest relationship with the rest of your health team. We have great relationships with lactation consultants, GP’s and midwives (and love to meet new health practitioners that may be part of your team) in the area to allow for open communication if needed at any point during your pre and post partum journey.

In the next few weeks we will be continuing with more articles on different health aspects of pregnancy in the lead up to our Pregnancy Week on …………. If you have any questions about pregnancy or your health please feel free to contact us at Rainbow Chiropractic ……..

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